Cupuacu Butter Benefits For Eczema

Cupuacu Butter Benefits

What is Cupuacu Butter?

Cupuacu Butter (pronounced ku-pu-ah-SU) is a super fruit that is grown in the tropical rain forest of the Amazon basin and is the national fruit of Brazil. This soft creamy butter is also related to the Cacao tree. Cupuacu is used in South and Central America to make certain foods like ice cream, smoothies and healthy snacks. It is extracted by a cold press method to keep its antioxidant properties and rich fatty acids. 

  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Color: Whiteish/Yellow
  • Odor: Chocolate Pineapple 
  • Skin types: All skin types, especially dry skin 
  • Texture: Soft creamy consistency 

Cupuacu Butter is a natural emollient that helps with restoring hydration and elasticity to the skin. Studies have shown that Cupuacu Butter to be a "super- moisturizer" due to its hydrophilic (water loving) properties. These properties make Cupuacu Butter 4x better than Shea Butter. This body butter is perfect for all skin types, but it is ideal for those who are suffering from dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, keratosis etc. 

Cupuacu Butter Benefits for Dry Skin:

  • Helps to treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Improves skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Considered a super-moisturizer
  • Increases and restores elasticity of the skin
  • Safe for children with eczema
  • Soothes itching skin due to dryness
  • Eliminates stretch marks
  • Soften tough skin on feet 
  • Beneficial for dehydrated, dry, cracked, brittle, or flaky skin.
This exotic fruit butter is known to be excellent at providing hydration, and moisture to the skin leaving your skin soft, smooth and healthy. Cupuacu Butter is full of anti-oxidizing polyphenols and fatty omega acids. It also contains essential vitamins like A and C. 

Natural Hair Products

 Cupuacu Butter Benefits for Hair

Cupuacu Butter is very beneficial for your hair, especially dry brittle. We always reach for Shea Butter when it comes to natural hair but what if I told you there is another butter for your natural hair to add to your natural hair care routine. Cupuacu Butter has several benefits for your hair, here are a few:

  • It increases moisture 
  • It improves hair texture
  • It hydrates dry and itchy scalps
  • it promotes deep lasting hydration


 Why HueGirlsz Loves Cupuacu Butter

When I first came across Cupuacu Butter I was amazed at the texture and smell. I started doing my research about this exotic body butter and wanted to take advantage of the benefits and share it with my customers. Cupuacu Butter is now our best-selling body butter and has been truly making a difference on dry skin conditions. 
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Finally, found something that breaks my extremely dry skin. I have eczema and psoriasis. Love these butters, soaps and salve.

Teresa Pedraza

I have many dark spots left from dermatitis! Will this help?

Yolanda Hayes

10/10 would recommend this to anybody me with dry skin or eczema!! Helped my eczema left my skin hydrated!!

Darren Robinson

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